Melodious Accent & Running Woman
A4 Oil pastels 2012

Landscape 1
22 cm x 28cm
Oil on wood 2012

Studio Shot

Esperanza Fuente 2012
32.5 cm x 30.5 cm Oil on wood

Untitled on 3cm thick wood 13cm x 18cm 2012

mater natura. Oil on canvas 30.4 x 25.4cm 2012

Anima Projections. Oil& Acrylic on canvas 30.5cm x 25.4cm 2012

Man Overboard. Oil pastels on A5. 2012

SWAN, Oil and ink on A5. 2012

Frame of Longing with Toto V MacDonald

Four Women, Oil on canvas 120cm x 300cm 2012

Wild Water, Oil on wood 90cm x 220cm 2012

Sea Spirit, Oil on wood 37cm x 75cm 2011

Untitled Landscpae, Oil on wood 30cm x 100cm 2012

Flying Seal, Oil on wood 55cm x 100cm 2011

PICA, Acrylic and Oil pastels on wood board 100cm x 122cm 2012

Resurrection, Oil on canvas 30.5cm x 25.4cm 2012

Cosmo Creature, Oil on canvas 30.5cm x 25.4cm 2012

At The Framers Gallery with Four Women, Oil and Acrylic on canvas 2012
My first exhibition in Fitzrovia!

Chowman. Mixed Media on A3. 2012

Lemonade. Mixed Media Collage on A3. 2012

SPLASHH collages, Hackney London 2012

Sketches 2012

Pastels A3
Cosmo 12

Man in Field. 2012
Pastel on Paper
297mm x 210mm

Pastels on A3

Mixed media line drawings. A5

Golden Pirates & Pink Sardines 2011
100cm x 150cm
Oil and Acrylic on glass windows.

Untitled 2011
A4 Mixed Media

Lion & Bird
Cosmo and Theo 2011

Untitled 2011
135cm x 270cm
Mixed Media on wood.

Kids 2011
140cm x 98cm
Oil paint on wood

Tranquil Cause 2011
70cm x 144cm
Oil and Acrylic paint on canvas

The Walking Salamanda. 2011
100cm x 300cm
Oil& Acrylic on plywood.